Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu


Bomba  $8.00
Classic vanilla & chocolate gelato separated by a cherry & sliced almonds covered in cinnamon, finished with a chocolate coating

Cannoli  $8.00
Cannoli shell filled with a sweet ricotta filling with chocolate chips and finished with chocolate drizzle

Crème Brulee  $9.00
Creamy custard & caramelized sugar, house made each day!

Limoncello Cake  $8.00
Layers of Limoncello soaked sponge cake filled with lemon cream & topped with a lemon buttercream frosting

New York Cheesecake  $9.00
Graham cracker crust topped with smooth, creamy cheesecake

Spumoni  $8.00
Strawberry, pistachio & chocolate gelato all coated with chocolate & drizzled with white chocolate

Tiramisu  $9.00
A Café Alfredo Specialty! Lady fingers soaked in espresso & marsala & topped with sweet mascarpone cream and house made whipped cream

After Dinner Drinks

Specialty Coffees

Café Alfredo Coffee
Coffee with Romana Sambuca

Kahlua & Coffee
Coffee blended with Kahlua, chocolate syrup & cinnamon, topped with whipped cream

Keoke Coffee
Coffee blended with Kahlua, crème de cacao, Christian Brothers Brandy & topped with whipped cream

Irish Coffee
Coffee, Jamison Irish Whiskey & Bailey’s, topped with whipped cream & Crème de Menthe

Jamaican Coffee
Coffee, Tia Maria & Light Rum

Nutty Irishman
Coffee, Frangelico & Bailey’s

Single Malt Scotch
Glenfiddich 12 year old
Glenlivet 12 year old
Glenmorangie 10 year old
Macallan 10 year old Fine Oak Highland

Galiano Dark Caffe Espresso
Grand Marnier
Romana Sambuca
Romana Sambuca Black